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Alison Crawford is a visual marketing communication professional with 20 years of experience in design, marketing, sales and production. Crawford Design serves businesses and professionals who value creating and cultivating an image that reflects who they are.

Underneath it all

Crawford Design simplifies the complex, empowers possibility and inspires the action that delivers repeatable rewards.


A logo or corporate identity builds familiarity and when coupled with an exceptional experience… it remarkably comes alive!

A logo or corporate identity is a visual picture that the company projects. It is a mark connected to a company, product or service for the purposes of identification and recognition. An effective logo or corporate identity is the sum of all tangibles, intangibles, beliefs and values that are unique to a company. It establishes visibility, stability and consistency. It lives and breathes, and creates and promotes unity.

A corporate identity system is a controlled maintenance program that encompasses all elements connected to the maintenance of a company image such as the name, symbol, products, literature, signage, environment and philosophy.

Identity/logo development and design
Tagline development
Identity systems
Identity launch
Identity revitalization
Identity re-introduction
Graphic standards manuals

As entities that enter into long-term relationships with customers, brands really do ‘come to life,’ developing personalities and voice all of their own. Therefore, like all living things, a brand must be protected and maintained in order to grow and prosper.

A brand begins with a logo or a logotype (stylized typography), an identifying trademark or label associated with a product or service and is directly connected to the promise made to the consumer or target audience. Yet the discipline of branding runs much deeper. Branding is purposeful and strategic approach to presenting and connecting. One that engenders loyalty, establishes connection, and effectively conveys the promise a product or service makes to it’s customer. Only when it kindles a bond with a consumer or target audience can it be qualified as a brand.

Brand identity development
Brand name development
Brand strategy
Brand equity tools
Brand launch
Brand revitalization
Brand re-introduction
Graphic standards manuals

Very often, my clients find their competitors ahead of them because nobody has thought out of the box and branded and presented them better.

Design is an intentional plan that requires careful attention to detail for blending both form and function with message and intent. Good design addresses all criteria. Concept is the general idea, creativity, connection or strategy behind a product, service or experience. Coordination is how it all comes together, resulting in a clear plan easily understood by its intended audience and improving upon the status quo.

Concept development
Experience design

The delivery of a truly memorable experience reaps tremendous rewards.

You may have a great service or product, but if you don’t get noticed, remembered or thought of at the right time, then what do you have? Powerful marketing and presentation materials are simple, functional and memorable—because they are designed that way. Whether introducing, informing, updating, creating awareness, organizing or clarifying, every component of a company’s marketing materials or presentations is important in promoting the company—and should reflect its highest standards.

A company committed to keeping loyal customers constantly evaluates and improves upon its communication design. Then, from hello to thank you, its customers notice and respond favorably.

Customer interaction
Communication forums
Social media
Advertisement design
Announcement/invitation design
Brochure and capabilities brochure design
Direct mail design
Information simplification design
Product launch collateral design
Promotion theme development
Promotional items
Signage design
Tradeshow materials
Website design—concept, message, intent

All too often, the details and nuances of product, service or experience are ignored or poorly refined, but it is those details and nuances that can make a world of difference.

The delivery of a truly memorable experience reaps tremendous rewards.

From design through production to maintenance.
Crawford Design is responsible for the areas of marketing that drive messaging and branding.

An experience is the perceptive result over a period of time. Designing exceptional experiences requires time and special attention to value, presentation and interaction.
A company committed to keeping loyal customers constantly evaluates and improves upon its communication design. Then, from hello to thank you, its customers notice and respond favorably.

Logo, corporate identity system, brand strategy, book design, ad campaign, newsletter, package design, direct mail campaign, poster, calendar, web presence or all of the above.

Why Crawford Design?


In leading decision makers through strategic brand development, messaging and production, I have learned, and practice, the art of seeing more. I look beyond words, images and ideas to the core of your business…right to the point — your goals.


Business leaders often approach me with the need for a new logo or redesigned product packaging, and I know they need more: coordinated visual marketing that consistently drives people to purchase their products and services.


My clients get more because what we create together is more than one visual element. Your logo, ads, display boards and website form the whole, with every piece serving as a separate entryway into your world. Every door opens to the why behind your business. Crawford Design ensures that every piece makes sense, every touch point reinforces your brand strategy and every element supports your marketing goals. I think like a business owner. I ask a lot of questions. I work until it works for you.

What People Say

We needed a logo, design, color … pretty much everything. Alison created a totally fresh new look that made our clients and employees feel proud. Now I completely understand the value of creating and cultivating an image that reflects who we are.

Marianne & Darren Nicolli, Owners, Michael Christopher Salon

What People Say

I have worked with Alison for over fifteen years. I continue to come back to her year over year because of her vision and attention to detail. She is a skilled translator, taking my image and concept and making it come alive. Every detail is tended to and that makes my life easy. I highly recommend her for overall concept and pulling all the details of your vision together.

Beth Reardon, Mohawk Papers

What People Say

Alison has taken an understanding of what we do and turned it into an image, look and presence that I love. I have gone from embarrassment to complete comfort, now I know our quality service is not missed because our collateral materials is missing the mark.

Keith Strauss, President, Sales Concepts, Inc.

What People Say

I’ve worked with Alison for nearly fifteen years on dozens of different projects. She is, quite simply, the best designer I’ve ever worked with. Every remarkable design element she produces is thoughtfully crafted to contribute function, pleasure and meaning and ultimately delivers dramatically increased value. I am continually amazed by her creative brilliance and increasingly reliant upon her flawless execution.

John Heaney

What People Say

Alison sees the bigger picture. She simplifies what needs to happen for others to be successful. When she tells me to do something a certain way, it works.

Alison puts people at ease. She isn’t condescending, as a lot of creative people are. I never feel embarrassed to ask her for help, to have her explain something or to share ideas with her.

Maggie Mistal, Career Coach


Chagrin Falls, Ohio