[rs_blockquote cite=”Alison”]Design is a tool that helps bring a customer or prospect closer to really seeing who a company is— helping them to stand out in their area of expertise.

Crawford Design works with organizations to design communications that spark interest, inform and establish an impression that clarifies a business’s point of purpose.

You can’t not communicate. Have you ever tried? Even silence speaks volumes.

Your greeting, people, logo, website, marketing materials and even your little-league sponsorships speak volumes about your business. By design, the most successful businesses choose to coordinate these messages with an effective communication strategy. One that considers every possible customer touch point—both verbal and nonverbal—so that their messages and images are well-reasoned, singular in focus and consistently applied across the   board.

To our clients we bring a fresh, experience-based perspective to their business communication strategy. We take a more holistic approach by getting to know their business from the inside out—and what’s equally as important—from the outside in. A perspective that is often difficult for business owners and principals to see clearly because they are so personally invested in daily operations, the business history and its legacy issues.

Crawford Design instills a sense of pride that energizes and carries a confidence of better and appropriate.

Simply put, Crawford Design works with business leaders, like you, to pull together all of the details to present their business in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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Some companies experience rapid growth. Others find themselves facing a radically changing market. While still others simply recognize the need for a fresh start. Whatever the reason, when change is on the agenda and you need to communicate a new direction to the outside world, it’s often difficult to know where to start. What to keep and what to leave behind. That’s where Crawford Design comes in.

Crawford Design takes an uncomplicated, direct approach. We roll up our sleeves and work with your key stakeholders to become a valued strategic partner. We dig in and learn your strengths, weakness, challenges and untapped potential. Then we integrate this knowledge with strategy and creativity to make your communication mean something.

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