Alison sees the bigger picture. She simplifies what needs to happen for others to be successful. When she tells me to do something a certain way, it works.

She breathes this stuff. Her mind doesn’t shut off when thinking of new or different ways to reinvent.

Alison puts people at ease. I never feel embarrassed to ask her for help, to have her explain something or to share ideas with her.

It’s a natural talent for Alison to see what brands/business need to do to improve. It’s her service and she has a genuine passion for it. It’s what she was put here to do, and people have found countless ways to benefit from her genius – marketing materials, products, logos. She helps others see how to make their messages matter to their customers and that has made business easier and better for her clients. This is her gift!

I have met few people who can combine creative genius with business savvy but Alison does both effortlessly. Her talents enable her to craft business identities that are authentic as well as compelling. She’s a consummate professional who delivers high quality results. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work with her and see a true genius at work!
—Maggie Mistal, Career Coach

I heard about Alison from a colleague. I was looking for someone who really understood my work and my concept, who could help take it and run with it. Alison did exactly that! She quickly and clearly got to the heart of my message in a way that really jazzed me. She was dependable, professional and exceeded my expectations. Even when my project was done, she sent me another suggestion. Not only did she complete the project but she left me with a feeling that she will genuinely be cheering for me and is a true believer in my work. I will forever be her promoter as well!
—Julia Gometz, Speaker/Author/Consultant, Brandful Workforce

Since we’ve been working with you our processes are all much more in sync, our prospects better understand who we are and what we do, and everything works better.
—Al Strauss, Founder, Sales Concepts, Inc.

Alison has a special ability of developing designs that are simultaneously distinctive, professional, and practical. She has the ability to develop a campaign style and format that can be used in multiple ways. This has many benefits including consistency across campaigns, a common look and feel for the brand, and significant cost savings. In addition, she is one of the most pleasant people you will ever have the pleasure to work with. It’s always a treat. Put it all together and that’s why I keep utilizing her talents. It’s 10 years and counting.
—Michael Brizz, CMC, CSP, Referral Mastery System

I have worked with Alison for more than 15 years. During this time, we worked on numerous projects together. Some contained extremely high levels of difficulty, complexity, and detail, while others were simple, uncomplicated and straight forward. Regardless of the scope of the project, I can always rely on Alison to deliver a consistent level of professionalism, attention to detail and a standard of perfection that lets me know that the completed project will exceed my expectations. She assumes total ownership of every facet of the project where no detail is too small to merit her complete attention.
—John Tkac

Although I have known about Alison’s reputation for many years, I didn’t get the chance to use her talents until recently. The whole design process went smoothly and produced great results. I have received many compliments on the new logo and business card designs.
—Brian Beal, President, Highland Controls

What started out as a logo for the Solon High School Athletic Department has developed into a symbol of unity for the entire Solon City School District! Alison’s sleek design has certainly helped create a more contemporary and widely recognized image for the Solon City Schools.
—Erin Short, Solon High School

In 2004, after purchasing Airserco Manufacturing, I was in desperate need of a creative individual to assist in the Airserco brand image. Fortunately I was introduced to Alison. She took a tired and sleepy 75 year company image and, building on the history, created a modern look and feel that told the HVAC industry, “Airserco is back!” With her guidance we were able to consolidate all of our customer touch points, from packaging, labeling, print, internet, into a consistent look and feel. Over the past 5 years she has consistently delivered exceptional work and unparalleled customer service!
—Tim Winings, Former President, Airserco

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